The Root of Liquorice, Marshmallow & Glycine

The Root of Liquorice,  Marshmallow & Glycine

Liquorice is used a supplement to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions as it promotes the production of mucous. This is important as mucous is involved in the body’s first line of defence against pathogens. Liquorice is therefore often used to treat a sore throat or to help recovery from respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis. Furthermore, mucous protects the tissue of the stomach from the acid contained within it so liquorice can be useful when treating stomach ulcers and acid reflux as it allows tissues to regenerate and heal.

Marshmallow Root

Another supplement that is used to treat coughs and colds is Marshmallow root as it acts as an enzyme, loosening mucous and inhibiting bacteria. Therefore, these two supplements prove very effective when taken together to treat colds and general respiratory irritation. Marshmallow root is also anti-inflammatory so it can act as an analgesic as well as reducing inflammation in the gut. Marshmallow root can promote tissue regeneration, protecting the lining of the digestive tract.


Glycine is one of the twenty amino acids produced by the body and is essential in the production of many molecules, for example, Glutathione. Glutathione is an important antioxidant and is essential in protecting the body from harmful free radicals formed in cellular processes.

Glycine is also the primary amino acid in Collagen which is essential for bone, cartilage, skin and muscle strength and supplementing Glycine can be beneficial in supporting the body’s natural production of Collagen. Supplementing Glycine can prevent alcohol-induced liver damage by stimulating the metabolism of alcohol by the stomach instead of the liver which prevents the development of fatty liver and therefore alcohol cirrhosis.

At the Mews Practice we offer one supplement called Nutriflux, which contains all three of these compounds to promote wellness and help the functioning of the body on a cellular level.

Call us on 01483 452555 to book an appointment to speak to a GP who can advise further on which supplements would be best suited to you.

July 12th, 2021

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