Wellbeing Therapy

In todays hectic world we can easily find ourselves emotionally and physically exhausted.  This might be a good time for you to consider if you are making enough time for your emotional and physical health right now?

Do you find yourself wrestling with worry?

Are you constantly anxious, overwhelmed or do you find yourself suddenly feeling emotional so you either shout, get angry or burst into tears?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Or perhaps you suffer from chronic pain, migraines, panic attacks or low self esteem or maybe now is the time to quit smoking?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, you will certainly benefit from a consultation.  Using a combination of coaching and hypnosis, you will have a bespoke program specifically designed for you.  While each person responds differently, you will begin to see results very quickly.

 What to expect

  • The initial consultation lasts up to an hour and a quarter. It provides an opportunity for you to discuss your issue and focus on what you want out of the sessions. Ann will gather information about you and explain how the brain works in relation to your issues which most people find very enlightening
  • Together you will both agree the proposed treatment plan. Ann will also give you a complementary recording for you to listen to in between sessions.
  • All subsequent sessions last up to an hour and include coaching followed by hypnosis.
  • The number of sessions you will require will depend on you and how fast you progress
  • During a wellbeing session, there is no need to discuss your past life experiences – all sessions will be focused on moving forward so you can be the healthiest version of you and make the most of what life can offer.
  • You will also gain new knowledge and personal coping strategies that will help you build on your own inner resources for the future.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a totally natural state of mind which can be induced by concentration on a single idea or focus. In a therapeutic setting hypnosis provides a powerful tool to access subconscious thought patterns and behaviours and resolve issues that lie beyond the capabilities of the conscious mind.

The deep state of relaxation and solution focused awareness offers a perspective for new insights and understanding to develop with the skilful help and support of your Wellbeing Consultant.

Please see Ann Waters’ Website for more information.


The Mews Practice offer an optional membership which includes 7 day access to GP appointments . This also includes 10% discount on selected services within the practice.

All services are also available to non-members.

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December 2016

Very good service. The Surgery is clean, the service was prompt, the Doctor was very informative and the staff were friendly and professional.

A.S - London

Meningitis B and Chickenpox Vaccinations

August 2017

Lovely care and attention from all staff. We feel very looked after – Thank you.

C.V - Leatherhead

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August 2018

After the iron injection, my life changed. More energy, more happy and healthy and all health issues gone.

E.N- GP Consultation

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August 2018

These are the best facilities that I have visited for my company medical. The staff and doctors are very friendly and efficient.

R.L- Bookham

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April 2018

Excellent service – thorough.  Easy to get appointments – flexible and accommodating.  All doctors lovely with the children.

Thank you

H.G - Leatherhead