Covid-19 Test and Release (for International Travel)

Covid-19 Test to Release – Reduce your travel self-isolation period

You may be able to end quarantine early and reduce your 10 day isolation period by taking a COVID-19 test with an approved ‘Test to Release’ provider. 

We are delighted we are now on the registered list of providers for Test to Release (international travel).

Whether you are travelling abroad for work or to see family or friends, under the new ‘Test to Release’ strategy, some travellers will have the option to take a test after 5 days of self-isolation. A negative result will release travellers from the requirement to further isolate.

Why book with us?

Price £150

7 days a week testing available

Easy booking on the phone

SARS Cov-2 Test Report/ Certificate issued

The Testing Process

The Mews Practice is open 7 days a week and we will try and accommodate testing at your convenience.

The test involves a clinician taking a swab of your nose and mouth.

The results take up to 48 hours to return once received by the laboratory. Please note: these time frames are based on current laboratory demand. This will be regularly reviewed and therefore subject to change.

The Practice Team comply with high standards in Infection Control, adhering to best practice as outlined by Public Heath England.

Please contact the practice by email or phone 01483 452555 and we can address any queries regarding our testing process.

Helpful information on Test and Release

How does Test-to-Release work?

Please refer to the website for updated and most accurate rules on quarantining once you have entered the UK. 

If negative, you are to end self-isolation. If the result is positive you must remain in isolation for another 10 days (this count starts the day you took the test). People you are living with or staying with should also self-isolate for the extra 10 days regardless of their results.

Test Booking Timings- when to book your test

You must only book your test for five full days from the moment you arrive back in the UK. For instance if you arrive at 2:30pm, you cannot book an appointment before 2:30 on the fifth day. If you book an appointment for the wrong time, the UK government systems will deny your Test-to-Release test results.

If you meet this criteria, book your test-to-release appointment with us. It is the sole responsibility of the traveller to confirm that they are eligible for Test-To-Release.

Eligibility for Test and Release

24 hours before the end of your trip, you should check whether the country you are returning from requires a 10 day quarantine. This list changes frequently and without notice.

Further FAQs

Where can I find more information about Test-to-Release?

See the government’s Test-to-Release page.

Can I use the government Test-to-Release if I have covid-19 symptoms?

If you have covid-19 symptoms, Test-to-Release is not suitable for you. Visit the NHS for the latest information about what to do if you are ill with covid-19.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing

We also offer accurate COVID-19 antibody testing by a member of our clinical team at your convenience – 7 days a week

Contact us with any questions.


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