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From IV therapy to nutritional support our comprehensive treatment plans address all your health concerns to get your quality of life back on track.

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Our Patient-Led Treatments

From the comprehensive diagnostics to holistic therapies, The Mews Practice utilizes the most advanced clinic services and the latest technology, enabling our staff of Lyme Literate medical professionals to effectively bridge treatments from both the conventional and alternative aspects of medicine.

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IV Antibiotics

Target pathogens and borrelia acting as the root cause of borreliosis and co-infections, kills bacteria and pathogens.

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Nutritional IV Therapy

Stimulates the immune system, nutrient replenishment, normalizes cell metabolism.

Nutritional Counselling

Support from a specialist nutritional counsellor

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Supplement Support

Hormonal Therapy

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Laboratory Testing/Diagnosis

Our Patient FAQs

How to I make an appoitment?2021-10-04T16:45:31+00:00

You can either send us an enquiry or contact us by phone on 01483 452555 or via email on reception@themewspractice.com.

How long is the typical treatment plan?2021-10-04T16:42:51+00:00

Each treatment protocol is customized to the patient based on laboratory testing and the overall health of the patient upon arrival at the clinic.

The average Lyme Disease treatment protocol is 2-3 weeks, but can be extended based on the wellness goals and overall well-being of the patient.

Do you offer follow-up care?2021-10-04T16:42:13+00:00

Your journey to healing will take time, but you will never be alone. Once you arrive back home after completing treatment in Germany, you will have access to the medical staff at the clinic via email and telephone.

Is The Mews Practice inpatient or outpatient?2021-10-04T16:41:23+00:00

The Mews Practice is an outpatient facility. If you choose to do treatment with us, you will come into our clinic during schedule hours to receive your treatment. If you do not live in the area, we work with preferred hotel partners near our clinic where you may stay during your treatment.

What treatments does The Mews Practice treat?2021-10-04T16:40:19+00:00

The Mews Practice provides advanced, research-based alternative and conventional medical treatments to patients needing to improve their health and overcome tick borne diseases, particularly Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Babesia, Morgellons, and associated tick borne co-infections.

What will my treatment plan include?2021-10-04T15:20:11+00:00

Each patient’s treatment protocol is personalized to their specific medical condition and laboratory testing. Using a combination of alternative and conventional therapies tailored to the patient, our integrative treatment protocols typically consist of: IV Antibiotics, Nutritional IV Infusion, Oxygen Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Diagnostics, Light Therapy, High-Frequency Therapy, Physical Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Liver Compression, Footbaths/Detox, Herbal Supplements, and Lab Testing throughout the treatment program.

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