Our Clinical Team

We provide personal, discrete and customised healthcare services for the treatment of Tick-Borne Diseases. From wellbeing therapy, IV therapies and hormone therapy, our comprehensive health services address all your health concerns to get your quality of life back on track.

About The Mews Practice

Our facility and staff are more than just a clinic, we are a family of survivors, providers, and advocates on a mission of healing and empowerment for patients and their families who have impacted by Lyme Disease, co-infections, and the realities of living with tick borne illness.

As Lyme Disease and tick borne illness is a complicated multi-systemic disease, we know that receiving treatment can be scary to say the least, which is why we are committed to supporting and empowering you through every step of this journey to healing.

In our state of the art facility, we offer a wide variety of treatment options aimed at getting you in the best health possible.

Dr Carsten Nicolaus

Dr Carsten Nicolaus is a world-renowned Lyme expert, having dedicated his career to the research, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

Since 1990, he has treated over 27,000 Lyme patients from over 80 countries. After obtaining his medical license in 1988 and specialising in organ transplant, he went on to do his doctorate in immunology
in Munich. In 1990 he began to diagnose and treat Lyme patients and in 2006 he founded the BCA-clinic, BCA-lab & research facility and BCA-Training Academy, gaining worldwide recognition and praise for establishing successful diagnostic tools and treatment protocols for Lyme patients.

In 2016, he founded Infectolab Americas (USA) with the aim of developing high quality tests and rigorous testing procedures to raise the bar in diagnostic testing for viruses and bacteria (including Lyme and other tick-borne diseases).

The Mews is delighted to have Dr Nicolaus as active member of our organisation. We welcome his wealth of information in diagnostics and treatment protocols, and furthering global research in tick borne
diseases. He provides mentorship and training to our doctors and offers support to practitioners and patients with complex medical histories.

Dr Nicolaus is passionate about the work he does and advocates the need for continual knowledge sharing and the global collaboration of Lyme experts and researchers. He believes that it is only through this collaboration that we can better understand and therefore manage and treat patients with tick-borne diseases.