Oligo Scanner

Oligo Scanner

What is it?

The Oligo scanner is an advanced device which allows practitioners to test patients for mineral imbalances and heavy metals

The scanner relies on spectrophotometry, send light through the tissue to measure the real time levels of trace elements, mineral, and heavy metals in the body

Spectrophotometry is a method to measure how much a chemical substance absorbs light by measuring the intensity of light as a beam of light passes through sample solution. The basic principle is that each compound absorbs or transmits light over a certain range of wavelength. This measurement can also be used to measure the amount of a known chemical substance. In the medical field, spectrophotometry is used to examine blood or tissue.

Measures intracellularly for extremely accurate and precise results using a light beam applied to the palm of the hand

The scanner measures the intensity of the electromagnetic signals of 34 elements after which the intelligent software calculates the results deficiencies and accumulations and compiles a comprehensive report

Mineral imbalances are common today due to lack of minerals in our soil, the heavy consumption of processed foods and acid related foods. It is now basically impossible to avoid exposures to toxins present in the air water and food. A benefit of the Oligo scanner is that it can check the mineral status of patients in real time. A suitable treatment can then be worked out.

How does it work? 

  • Patient’s physiological data is entered
  • Patient hand is scanned by spectrometry
  • Oligoscan application processes and analyses data
  • Data is sent and stored on a secure server, allowing for further monitoring
  • Results are available on your computer/tablet
  • It’s simple and requires no training to use.


  • No injections or blood taking – good for people with a fear of needles
  • Pain free
  • Instant results
  • More precise than a standard blood test
  • Very thorough
  • Starting point to work out any appropriate treatments, which will usually be some sort of supplement.


Where the test identifies concerns about heavy metal toxicity or antioxidant levels, this can be very helpful in understanding symptoms that a patient might have been experiencing, such as tiredness, insomnia, or stress. Understanding Oligo Scan advanced health test results allows the doctor unusual visibility of what could be influencing a person’s health and enables them to prescribe the appropriate treatment, supplement, or lifestyle changes.

The Oligoscan has a CE Mark (Class IIa medical device) registration approving the quality of its technology. Clinical studies have been performed (although not yet published), and others are in progress. The findings correlate extremely well with the clinical symptoms of the patient, and with other means of testing.

We offer Oligo Scanning here at the practice – appointments can be booked 7 days a week.

For any questions please do get in contact!

December 23rd, 2022

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