Lyme Treatments

From IV therapy to nutritional support our comprehensive treatment plans address all your health concerns to get your quality of life back on track.

Our Patient-Led Treatments

From the comprehensive diagnostics to holistic therapies, The Mews Practice utilizes the most advanced clinic services and the latest technology, enabling our staff of Lyme Literate medical professionals to effectively bridge treatments from both the conventional and alternative aspects of medicine.

IV Antibiotics

Target pathogens and borrelia acting as the root cause of borreliosis and co-infections, kills bacteria and pathogens.

Nutritional IV Therapy

Stimulates the immune system, nutrient replenishment, normalizes cell metabolism.

Nutritional Counselling

Support from a specialist nutritional counsellor

Supplement Support

Hormonal Therapy

Laboratory Testing/Diagnostics

Lyme Disease Questionnaire

Our Patient FAQs

How to I make an appointment?
You can either send us an enquiry or contact us by phone on 01483 452555 or via email on
How long is the typical treatment plan?
The average Lyme Disease treatment protocol is 6-8 weeks.
Do you offer follow-up care?
After completing treatment, you will have access to the medical staff at the clinic via email and telephone.
Is The Mews Practice inpatient or outpatient?
The Mews Practice is an outpatient facility. If you choose to do treatment with us, you will come into our clinic during schedule hours to receive your treatment. If you do not live in the area, we work with preferred hotel partners near our clinic where you may stay during your treatment.
What treatments does The Mews Practice treat?
The Mews Practice provides advanced, research-based alternative and conventional medical treatments to patients needing to improve their health and overcome tick borne diseases, particularly Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Babesia, Morgellons, and associated tick borne co-infections.
What will my treatment plan include?

– Change Each patient’s treatment protocol is personalized to their specific medical condition and laboratory testing. Using a combination of alternative and conventional therapies tailored to the patient, our integrative treatment protocols typically consist of:

  • IV Antibiotics
  • Nutritional IV Infusions
  • Nutritional Counselling
  • Diagnostics
  • Supplements
  • Lab testing
  • Hormone Therapy

Referral Partners

We work alongside the following team at the London Clinic of Nutrition.

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Oliver Barnett

Lelani Loubser

Lelani Loubser

Alina Tierney

Alina Tierney

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Lyme Treatments

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What Our Clients Say…

"Thank you so much for your amazing registration check up. I came back and told my family what a treat they were in for in a couple of weeks. I was super impressed with the whole experience and I'm a nervous patient when it comes to being in the dentist chair. I didn't even think about most of the procedure because your calm and positive explanations were perfect and your team were brilliant too."

- N

"I was very impressed and my teeth were amazingly shiny and clean after the hygiene treatment. I will definitely be joining the dental practice as well as the medical. Best wishes and thank you again to you all for looking after so well and making the experience so brilliant."

- G

“I visited the practice for a beauty treatment for the wrinkles on my forehead. Dr Lovepreet and nurse Pujan were amazing. The experience was wonderful and the treatment was wonderful. I would really recommend the practice if you are looking to get some anti-ageing treatments done yourself or for family and friends.”


"I would highly recommend The Mews. I visited the practice last week for teeth whitening and all the staff were super friendly and so professional. Will definitely be going back. "

- Elena

"The mews practice is one of the best practice i have came across.Staff members are welcoming very helpful , friendly.I had an appointment with Lovepreet she was the best and makes me comfortable to share any doubts and cleared all my queries.Hopefully looking forward to start my journey with mews.Highly recommend !!"

- Anju Rai