Immunity and COVID-19

Immunity and COVID-19

Under 2.5% of the population who have been infected by the COVID-19 causing virus SARS-CoV-2 do not develop antibodies. In other words, less than 25 per 1000 individuals test negatively for the antibodies, despite previous infection.

The body’s immune system has two defence mechanisms to combat an infection. Natural killer cells are part of the initial innate immune response which target and destroy virus-infected cells through the release of specific molecules called cytokines. In fewer than 2.5% of infected individuals, this line of defence is enough to tackle the virus.

While in the rest, a second line of defence is initiated. This consists of the adaptive immune response, whereby B cells are activated to produce antibodies. These antibodies remain in the blood and can be useful in fighting re-infection.

Obesity and the immune system

Excess fat can affect the respiratory system and is likely to affect inflammatory and immune function. This can impact people’s response to infection and increase vulnerability to severe symptoms of COVID-19. Obese people may be less likely to access healthcare and support, and it is also thought that COVID-19 affects other diseases associated with obesity

Nutrition and Immunity

Comprehensive scientific research papers have demonstrated that an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals can be highly beneficial in enhancing the functioning of the immune system.

A number of vitamins (A, B6, B12, folate, C, D and E) and trace elements (zinc, copper, selenium, iron) support the immune system’s response against the COVID-19 infection.

The Mews Practice can help support improved micro-nutrient balance and weigh reduction options. We also offer comprehensive health screening and bespoke hormone consultation where we create a bespoke and detailed plan towards health and well being optimisation. At the Mews Practice, a session of iVitamins can be highly beneficial to boost your body’s defence against the virus. For more information on iVitamins:

Please send us an enquiry here or give us a call on 01483452555 for further information.

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October 01st, 2020

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