Dr Vishal Aggarwal

Designation: Doctor

Dr Vishal Aggarwal is a physician with a specialist interest in neuroscience, pharmaceutical medicine, and operative regenerative medicine, along with being a former varsity badminton player and strength and conditioning coach. Method, articulation, and attention to detail are only a few of his many skills. 

Vishal has a strong interest in human performance and its optimisation. With an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience from UCL and a thesis on the visualisation of sleep and its systemic effect, he is dedicated to the pursuit of the ‘cutting-edge’ but approaches healthcare in a holistic manner. Employing a ‘minimum effective dose’ policy that dovetails functional stressors, epigenetics, cellular signaling, and metabolism, no stone is left unturned but nothing is ‘over treated.’
When not treating patients Vishal is in the lab doing research into novel therapies, but you can also find him mixing up all manner of green-drinks prior to slinging sandbags, swimming, painting, or getting into another dog eared novel.