Fordyce Spots

Fordyce Spots
Fordyce Spots are a very common minor skin condition where your oil glands appear larger. The spots appear as small, slightly raised, smooth, yellow white and 1-5 mm in diameter. They are both natural and harmless, it’s even estimated that 70-80% of adults have them, and both males and females are affected.
Researchers are not quite sure what causes them; however, they do believe that you are born with them and that they become more pronounced during puberty due to the hormonal changes. They generally appear around the edges of the lips, but also occur on the penis, scrotum and on the labia.
While they are no cause for concern, some people do not like the way they look and therefore seek various treatments. After treatment, their self-esteem and confidence is improved.
Here are some examples of treatment:
Micro-punch surgery, a technique in which a small pen-like device is used to punch the skin and remove unwanted tissue after application of a local anesthesia. While quite effective, it may take up to up to a month to heal.
Cryotherapy, a treatment where extreme cold is used to freeze and destroy tissue. It may be slightly painful.
Photodynamic therapy (applying medication and using light to treat the spots)
There are also various topical treatments, but these have not proven to be very effective.

At the Mews Practice, we offer something called electrosurgery. It is a minor procedure where the dermatologist uses high frequency electrical current to treat the spots, which burns them away. It is an effective treatment with very little side effects and a brief healing time.

If your skin is bothering you, do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a call with one of our doctors to discuss the treatment further.


October 26th, 2022

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